Three part series on legalization at Culture 11

A nice series. Could use some commenting.
“bullet” War on Drugs: The Collateral Damage Prohibition militarizes police, enriches our enemies, undermines our laws, and condemns our sick to suffering. By Radley Balko
The usual excellence from Radley.
“bullet” War on Drugs: The Price Tag: America can‰t afford marijuana prohibition š it‰s a matter of dollars and sense.
By Anita Bartholomew
Lots of good stuff about LEAP and the costs of prohibition.

Do we really want to keep spending insane amounts of our dwindling government funds on tracking down, arresting and imprisoning the hundreds of thousands of hapless Harolds and Kumars who then can no longer contribute to our faltering economy by overeating at White Castle?

“bullet” Keep Drugs Illegal!: Legalization won’t end the violence, but it will fry plenty of brains. By David Freddoso.
Really incoherent attempt to say that we won’t gain anything through legalization because the criminals will still move to other crime. Yes, he went there. (See Stupid Argument #3)

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