Looks like we still got some educatin’ to do

This is a follow-up to today’s earlier post about the El Paso, Texas City Council resolution.
Now it’s looking like the veto may not hold

The city‰s Committee on Border Relations refused to give Mayor John Cook the support he requested Tuesday for vetoing a resolution the council had approved with an amendment calling for a debate on drug legalization.
Next week‰s City Council agenda is likely to include an item calling for the override of the veto, which would take seven votes by the nine-member council.

Should be interesting.
Meanwhile… sigh… I’ve been following the discussion in comments at the El Paso Times, which has ranged all over the place (with some familiar friends chipping in to inject some reason). Some of the negative comments are… well… beyond belief.
So in a kind of perverted sense of agonizing fun, I’ve decided to share some of them with you.
Remember, the City Council merely passed a resolution calling for the U.S. government start an “open, honest, national dialogue on ending the prohibition of narcotics.” They didn’t call for legalization. They didn’t come out in favor of legalization. They came out in favor of… discussion.
Here are some of the reactions from the good readers of the El Paso Times.

This city council should be removed for advocating violations of law. They have taken an oath to uphold the law, not use these offices in an attempt to overthrow it.
The Texas Attorney General should conduct an investigation to determine that nature of their conduct, if any criminal statutes have been violated.

Criminal statutes against advocating discussion?
Here are some more…

We can just legalize murder and kidnapping too while we’re at it. Then all of Mexico’s problems will be solved… Idiots! […]
If the Mexican government can’t solve it’s own problems how are they going to solve ours by telling us what laws to pass and that are in favor of legalizing drugs. […]
City Council members? What a bunch of idiots!! Pure stupidty and cowardice. Legalizing drugs is not the answer. Get tough now – enforce the laws we have now. No mercy. […]
I say make it as in other countries, death for drug dealers. If you deal drugs which is just another name for death then you die. This is weather you are a citizen or not. That would save us from multiple invasions from the same dealer. You get caught dealing or smuggling drugs then you die. […]
And yes, need to have the DEATH penalty for drug dealers, just like China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and many others. Then stand back and watch the drug wars calm down. Just start executing these doper ***HOLES. […]
Drug market has been reduced for some dealers. Therefore, they rob and kill to make up for the loss of income. Remove the drugs from them (legalize); probability of making money goes to zero. What will they do next? God help us all. It’s common sense…. […]
Close the border. No one leaves and no one enters for a week. Those who attempt to flee can leave and anyone who tries to enter gets shot on the spot. Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices. If you love America you stay, if you don’t get the hell out and don’t come back. […]
You know it’s amazing that MOST of you people who support legalizing, Illegal drugs,do not live anywhere near the Mexican Border or the Drug Wars. Guess most of you are just safe in your little farm houses in Virginia, PA wherever, running your meth labs, making “cheese” and crack for school kids. You are the morons who try to justify what you do, including legalizing illegal substances. And yes, the drug dealer laws are MUCH better in places like China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Do they, any of them have the drug problems that we have in the U.S. and Mexico???? Hell no. They go out chop off a few heads, hang a few, shoot a few and thats the way anti-drug laws should be written in the U.S. Execution cures drug dealing/trafficing. Deterent, YES. […]
This city council is obviously under the influence of: -Drugs -Corruption -Drug Cartels -Total and Complete Insanity. […]
El Paso can be proud of being the illegal drug corridor capital leading into the U.S. and of the drug profits flowing into the pockets of local politicians. The money is so good in fact, they are openly championing it’s use and legalization at our municipal hall. The more users they get, the more money they and their families in the biz make. Who cares if it costs a heavy and often deadly toll on many families, just as long as their family of drug dealers are wealthy and protected. […]
The Dope Dealers and Drug Cartels would love to work in the open and push their poison on even more children, their customers for life. […]
Thank God for Mayor Cook. How stupid is our City Council? Can we get them out of there? They make us look like morons.

Um, actually, no. But you’re doing a pretty good job of it yourself.

Perhaps it time to check how many on City Council are using dope, and want a straight path to it. […]
Once the demand for illegal drugs dries up, the drug cartells murdering will cease also. Why? Because no demand for drugs means zero supply which means no money which means no profit which means no business. The war on drugs must continue at all costs just klike the war on terrorism. […]
I am curious to know what drugs the City Representatives are using? Their actions come across as someone who is “stoned”. […]
I always knew that City Council is composed of a bunch of idiots. […]
This idea by the city council is an act of cowardice,they clearly don’t want to enforce the laws against drug trafficking. They are waving the flag of surrender and also telling us that they don’t have a clue on how to do their job. Have they taken the time to ask the people of El Paso how we really feel about their proposal, they would have saved their time writing this stupid resolution. This is another example that shows that; “just because you went to college and have a fancy title next to your name, it does not makes you smarter.” […]
Legalization of drugs is not the answer and it will not be fair for families that lost loved ones in the figth against drugs. Legalization of drugs is the easy way out of the problem..Lets start with lowering the comsuption of drugs because with out coustumers there will be no drugs. lets take a VERY serious look at family values…how many kids are growing in a single parent home??? THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM..But nobody wants to accept the truth which is that we live in a society in which GOD does not play any role and we are seeing the results, I know! I know! you migth thing that I am a Jesus freak of bible pleacher but this is not the case I do belive in God and know that following him bring stabilization to society… […]
Why don’t we legalize murder while we’re at it? […]
The ONLY thing that makes John Cook less of an idiot than the rest of these ***HOLES, is that he decided to veto the resolution. Should WE be wondering where O’Roark gets his campaign money from?? Any Cartel money in there, yu think??? […]
I lived in Europe for two years where drugs were legalized and society has digressed, their youth have a bleak future due to the widely use of the drugs and many more problems exist due to the drugs. Those who say, lets talk about it are walking a fine line into the darkside.

When did they legalize drugs in Europe?

If we want to really effect the “drug war,” we need to get serious about it. Start giving the worst drug users / pushers death penalties, with a limited window for appeals. […]
Beto is an arrogant jerk who is a product of the new- young-leftist-academic elite that think they know what’s good for the rest of us. Arrogant jerk.

Ah, yes, those arrogant jerks who want us to discuss stuff.

The U.S.gov ernment needs to send in thousands of troops to Juarez and get rid of all the men living in that city!!!! […]
f—— mexicans from mexico there killing our youth with there drugs and all this idiots can say is leagalize drugs so our kids can get destroy themselves more easily, f— mexico and whoever wants to defend mexico go to mexico and fight it out in mexico […]
The city council are cowards and panderers. If they want the violence to stop, the first they need to do is completely secure the border. When that happens, no more drugs will come in, and the drug cartels collapse of their own accord. […]
Prohibition makes drug cartels rich. Making them legal would make them even richer.

OK, that one just confuses me.

You druggies are only preaching to your fellow druggies choir. […]
Most parents try to keep their children away from drugs, while this city council is trying to force them on us. I thought elected represenatives were supposed to protect our children, not harm them.

That’s right – think of the children. What kind of message would it send that we are willing to discuss alternatives to failed policies?

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