Drug Czar Follies

White House Announcement:

The President intends to designate Patrick Ward, of Virginia, to be Acting Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Here’s Patrick Ward’s bio.
Scott Morgan has some mild speculation, but I’m guessing that it’s just a matter of Walters leaving and the fact that the ONDCP head is seldom one of the early appointments in an administration, so a deputy director will be taking over for awhile. (Remember Edward Jurith, the acting Director from January 5 to December 6, 2001? Nobody does.)
My big question is… When? When will John Walters be walking out the door? (So I can conduct a proper celebration.)
Because it can’t be too soon. They’re still doing stuff there. Yes, the ONDCP has a new ad.
It doesn’t appear to play in all browsers, but that’s OK — they’ve got the script there as well:

This spot is shot as proud and dramatic, with uplifting, anthemic music underneath.
We open on a kid in his little sister‰s room.
COUCH KID: I stole from my little sister!
Cut to a girl holding up a report card.
D+ GIRL: I got straight D‰s!
Cut to a guy on his bed.
CELL PHONE GUY: I left me ex-girlfriend 27 messages last night!
Cut to a girl with a woman who has been crying.
GIRL: I made my mother cry!
Cut to a kid who is being drawn on.
DRAWN ON KID: I let people draw on me!
Open on a guy sitting in his car in the drive way.
KID: I ditched my friends and let them find their own way home.
Cut back to shots of them looking at the camera and nodding with pride.
SUPER: What has weed done for you?

They just don’t get it. Who is going to respond to this message? Actually, the guy who’s getting drawn on looks like he’s having a good time. They all do. And the truth is that the majority of pot smokers are quite successful. Even the drug czar says that most of them are working.
One of my former students confided in me just after he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the university that he had smoked pot every day of his college career. In addition to his outstanding grades, he was President of two very successful student organizations.
What has weed done for you?

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