Citizen’s Briefing Book Responses

The Obama administration has started releasing videos of staff addressing questions/ideas in the Citizen’s Briefing Book.
Of course, nobody has yet addressed a drug policy question. Most of the videos are about non-controversial questions and the responses are practically just an agreement. Tom Daschle actually answered the question “Do healthy children learn better?” (The answer was “yes.”)
The one exception so far is Dr. Steven Chu, who has a much longer video that includes interesting discussions about global warming, smart grids, manhattan-style projects for energy independence, and more (including the need to encourage science-based developments that rival Borlaug’s dwarf wheat). Intelligent, scientific discussion. Nice to see in our government again.
Again, I don’t expect drug policy to be addressed. But the fact that any questions are being addressed means that our questions are being seen. And they’re being seen as important to the people.

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