now seeking suggestions for implementation (not to be confused with has completed it’s series of votes on ideas and came up with the top 10, which includes:

Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana.
“Marijuana has been proven to relieve the suffering of the chronically ill, as well as disabled patients undergoing chemotherapy, and other forms of medical treatments, yet using it for medical purposes continues to be a crime in most of the country. We should make it legal not only in medical cases, but for recreational use as well.”

This idea, along with the other 9, will be presented to the new President and will also be given a national campaign.
Right now, they’re soliciting suggestions for how to implement a national campaign to promote the idea.
So go over there and suggest.
Note: The individuals over at who are clogging up the suggestion board with complaints that the top 10 issues are presented unranked (instead of with marijuana at #1) are not helping. They sound petty and are distracting from the important next step.
Here’s the suggestion I made.

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