The former man sticking it to the man?

Drug policy reform’s bad boy, Barry Cooper, is apparently running stings on police now.
It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.
Mark Draughn’s take at Windypundit:

You know what would be interesting? If someone—perhaps in response to accusations that a group of cops was framing innocent people—spent months setting up a fake drug house to attract police suspicion. Then, after the police raided the place and found no drugs of any kind, asked to see the sworn search affidavit, so they could check it for accuracy against their own heavily documented activities.
You’d have to be crazy to try something like that. You’d have to want to get in cops’ faces and not be afraid of what they’d do to you. You’d have to have a hatred for the drug war verging on madness.
You’d have to be Barry Cooper.
Yes, the madman behind the Never Get Busted Again videos has set up a sting operation to snare a bunch of cops …

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