Kossacks taking positive view on ending drug prohibition?

Even though drug policy reform is a logical position for liberals in many ways, it has been very hard to get any traction publicly in liberal strongholds, as they have tended to vacillate between trying to be as ‘tough’ (stupid) as Republicans and avoiding ‘distractions’ from accomplishing things that would help people(!) In the process, they have taken a pass on addressing racism, helping the environment, and stopping the disenfranchisement of their own voters, among other travesties.
So it’s nice to see a front page article at Daily Kos by Jed L on the 75 year anniversary of alcohol prohibition and its connection to drug prohibition (referring to Nadelmann’s OpEd).
And the extensive comments so far are coming in very strongly for ending prohibition, more so, in my opinion, than they would have a couple of years ago. The few that are naturally uncertain, are being rather intelligently schooled by other commenters.

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