Californians fail to respond to an active coup d’etat attempt

Alex at Drug Law Blog highlights an ongoing problem in California: the active subversion of law and the will of the people by state law enforcement.
We’ve often wondered and complained about law enforcement in California cooperating with federal authorities in their busts of medical marijuana operations. After all, the courts have said that, while the supremacy clause makes state law subservient to federal law when in conflict, it is not the state’s job to enforce federal law. And the courts have shown that federal law does not prevent the states from implementing and enforcing a medical marijuana program.
When law enforcement in California takes their oath of office, they pledge to uphold the Constitution of the State of California. Violation of that oath is reason for terminating their jobs. Period.
So how do you explain this letter from 2006, in which the California Police Chiefs Association actively entreat the DEA to assist them in arresting and prosecuting medical marijuana participants?

What the California Police Chiefs Association is requesting is that DEA become more actively involved in working with local law enforcemcnt to close these
distribution centers, seize their profits and all marijuana which might be located and
to take thcse cases into the federal judicial system.
We understand this is an issue of priorities with DEA, but it is the feeling of the
California PoIice Chiefs Association, and our members, that a concentrated effort
sustained over a period of time would send a strong message to local and county
government that “medical marijuana” is not allowed and that those who profit from
the sales and distribution of marijuana under the guise of “medicine” will face the

Why does the California Police Chiefs Association continue to exist? Why hasn’t there been an investigation to determine what members were involved in this active attempt to overthrow the lawful government of California, and then to terminate and prosecute those responsible?
I never realized that Californians were doormats.

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