Just what is drug abuse, anyway?

YouTube has bowed to pressure to remove certain categories of videos, based on demands by Joe Lieberman in his efforts to protect us from the terrorists. I’m not sure how it was supposed to work for the terrorists — maybe they were using funny YouTube videos to distract us at work in order to bring down America’s productivity — but obviously Deputy Droopy Dog is out there watching out for us

Among the other changes handed down was a prohibition of videos containing “drug abuse”–a phrase that, like other parts of YouTube’s rule set, comes with no context, elucidation, examples, or anything else that would help users figure out what “abuse” might actually mean in practice. […]
Not until drug videos do begin disappearing will we be able to tell if there’s any rhyme or reason to the application of the rule. But as far as a drug purge goes, count me as a skeptic. I doubt if YouTube tries to smoke out every last pot, Salvia, and alcohol video from its giant database. It’d be too much work, and with all that stuff already in its system, I doubt YouTube would have the motivation anyway.

Banning videos of “drug abuse” will have no more affect on reducing drug abuse (or terrorism) than banning videos of Joe Lieberman would have on reducing the number of cowardly un-American politicians.

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