I don’t know if you’ve followed the comments section on this post regarding Karin Litzcke’s article about Insite.
I came down pretty hard on Karin Litzcke, and I still think her article deserved it, but I’ve got to say that I admire her greatly for coming here and participating in the discussion. She did so with grace and good manners and a sincere attempt to understand a different point of view.
Kudos also to Steve and Jim in particular for their excellent, intelligent engagement with her on this subject. They did better than I could, as the unfortunately necessary “neither fish nor fowl” status of Insite is something I have not spent enough time exploring, although I do know enough to see that it is inextricably linked to the prohibition discussion (as became clear in the discussion, though it was a surprise to Karin).
Again, we so rarely have people with differing views willing to test us in discussion, that it’s a joy to have such a visitor (perhaps it’s because Karin did not truly consider herself part of the prohibition debate).
We welcome anyone who wishes to talk with us or debate us. If it seems that we have our knives sharpened, it’s just that we’re so… eager.

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