Weed so powerful, you can’t even look at it

North Charleston police have scored a major pot bust, seizing 500 pounds of marijuana with a street value of more than $2 million.

Yet another (yawn) major seizure.
This is the part that got me:

Police said there was so much marijuana they couldn’t let reporters see it because the smell would overpower them. They instead showed pictures of the haul.

Now that’s powerful. Must be some really dank green nugs, huh?
But then I looked at the pictures. And noticed that they just left it sitting in a room with cops working (I guess they could handle the smell, unlike reporters.
Now I may be out of touch, but is that what weed looks like these days? The close-up picture looks more like fertilizer (which would explain the strong odor). Of course, that wouldn’t explain why the criminals were smuggling it in bricks with a cache of guns.
Seriously, what kind of weed is that?

[H/T shine0854]
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