Prince George’s County police chief expresses ‘regret’

Chief High just doesn’t get it.

In a statement released yesterday, High said: “The Calvo family members were the apparent victims of a local drug ring. I called him to express my sorrow and regret for that and for the loss of the family’s beloved dogs.”
High stopped short of apologizing for the actions of the officers, according to the Associated Press.

Um, no Melvin. The Calvo family members were victims of…you. And ‘regret’ simply isn’t going to cut it.
I don’t know if police Chief Melvin High simply is unable to admit wrong, or if he somehow thinks that admitting it will make the investigation go worse for him and his unit, but the guy is not only dangerous, he’s clueless.
And let’s review again:

  • The Calvo’s were victims of a local drug ring to the extent that Cheye Calvo had to lift a 32 pound package and bring it inside.
  • The Calvo’s were victims of Prince George’s County police by having their home invaded, their dogs killed, the family terrorized, and no apology.

Oh, wait. I forgot — the police actually delivered the package.

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