Politics and power

Since you guys can’t get enough of talking about politics, let’s get another thread going here…
“bullet” It appears that the St. Paul Minnesota cops are taking a break from their armed home invasion drug raids and instead doing armed home invasion preemptive protestor raids. That’s right — they’re using armed assaults on people who have not yet protested the Republican Convention, but might be planning on it. Welcome to America.
“bullet” It may be good that Ron Paul is not in St. Paul. His followers are gathering outside the twin cities for their own convention in Minneapolis, since Paul was not invited to speak at the Republican convention. Rally for the Republic sounds like an interesting party (check out the video High Tide on the bottom of that page — fascinating if only for the beauty of the technique).
“bullet” Interestingly, it could end up with a Ron Paul Convention and protestors sharing the Twin Cities with no Republican Convention to counter. Republican officials are considering postponing the convention because of Hurricane Gustav.
Update: More of this please. People making connections between protestor raids in St. Paul, and the drug war. Mona with *This* is the Face of Fascism, John Slade with Tricks of the Drug War – RNC activists under harassment campaign
Further update: Feds are involved in these raids. — no surprise, really, but it’s confirmed.

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