Open Thread

“bullet” Coincidence? Shortly after a group of University presidents announce an initiative to look into whether the 21 year drinking age makes sense (it doesn’t) and suggests we look into other options…
… the Department of Justice announces $19 million in block grants to the states to enforce underage drinking laws. Now local law enforcement, already making good money writing up drinking tickets at college parties, will get grants to do so, so of course you know how they will respond publicly regarding the notion of a dialogue on drinking ages…
“bullet” Ronald Fraser: Drug raids not the cure for law agencies’ tight budgets (annoying free registration required)

On the streets, where illegal drugs are still easy to get at affordable prices, Arizona’s police chiefs are losing the decades-long drug war.
But, ironically, back in their headquarters, many of these officers depend on drug raids to fatten their operating budgets. While the drug trade still enriches the bad guys, police chiefs now get a piece of the action. […]
What to do? It is time for federal and state legislators to shut down the conflict-of-interest loophole that allows police departments to profit from their official duties at the expense of the very citizens they are hired to protect.

“bullet” The Cost of Marijuana Prohibition — videos by MPP.
“bullet” Steve Rolles at Transform does a nice job fisking Ian Oliver’s incoherent call for keeping drugs illegal.
“bullet” We must outlaw this new dangerous drug called pumpkins… you know… for the sake of the squirrels.

“bullet” “drcnet”

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