Last year, David Krahl worked for Calvina Fay as deputy director of the Drug Free America Foundation, lobbying against medical marijuana.
Seems he’s learned a few things since then.

Now, he’s ready to lobby for allowing medicinal use of marijuana, and do anything he can to support it.
So far, no one has asked him for help, but in a recent letter to medical marijuana bill sponsor Rep. Maurice Hinchey ( D-N.Y. ), he proclaimed that he’d reversed his position on whether cannabis can be a medicine.
“I’m saying, ‘Here I am, an individual who had one point of view, and now I have a different one,’ ” Krahl said in an interview. […]
“Being away from the Drug Free America Foundation allowed me an opportunity to take a fresh look at the issue,” Krahl said. “I don’t have skin in the game anymore.”

When you learn some facts (and if you have some integrity), it’s hard to support the drug warriors.

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