Open Thread

“bullet” Graham Boyd continues his reports from Vienna conference on drug policy, including some intriguing stuff regarding attempts from the ONDCP office to sabotage their efforts. Day Two and Day Three
“bullet” U of Central Florida column by Ben Badio: Legalizing Marijuana Will Ruin A Great Culture

Imagine a world where pot becomes the cultural equivalent of smoking cigarettes, something that is done, or not done, but cultureless either way. Imagine how humorless, dramaless and boring the TV show Weeds would be without the unrelenting threat of legal action. Imagine a world where an organization like NORML suddenly becomes quite abnormal because it has nothing left to fight for.

Sounds good to me.
“bullet” Daniel McQuade challenges Pennsylvania to follow New Jersey’s lead and re-visit drug-free school zones.
“bullet” The Wall Street Journal and Scott at Grits for Breakfast talk about the hidden costs of incarceration, blowing gaping holes in the arguments of idiots like James Q. Wilson and George Will.
“bullet” “drcnet”

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