Smoking pot is just like molesting children

I’m on a delay at O’Hare waiting for my new plane so i can board (the old one had a clogged drain!)
Allan sent me this Letter to the Editor in the Illinois Daily Herald by Janet Chandik — one of those bizarre individuals who somehow slipped by Darwin’s selection process.
It’s worth sharing in full…
We Should Keep Marijuana Illegal

I would like to respond to D. Skipworth’s letter last Monday. She stated the war on drugs is hypocritical and a lost cause and potential tax dollars go uncollected because of ignorant politicians and police. The benefits of hemp are mentioned, and she states cannabis is good for the planet. We learn Chris Columbus may have come to America with sails made from hemp. While that may or may not be true, I think they used to pull teeth without Novocain, too.
In a perfect world we would all do the right thing and use common sense. Too bad for us, we all have a different idea of common sense. I’ll just use one word as an extreme example: pedophiles. Cannabis may or may not be good for the planet, but for the average person it is not. It is a proven fact cannabis, or marijuana, is a gateway drug. The war on drugs is a war that I gladly take on. Why would our society want to legally unleash another mind altering substance when we as a society clearly cannot handle the one we have: alcohol. I am speaking of those individuals who drink to excess and then put others at risk. How about the misuse and abuse of prescription medication? Even over-the-counter meds?
So, hemp is used for food and medicine in other ( more sophisticated – implied ) parts of the world? That’s great. We in America have a lot of freedoms and choices that those in other parts of the world do not have, and I readily give them their use of hemp and gladly keep our public servants, who I dare not as a whole call ignorant.

So, to recap:

  • Smoking pot is like pedophilia
  • The fact that we have novocaine shows that we don’t need hemp
  • The gateway theory is proven [despite all the evidence to the contrary]
  • Janet would personally like to conduct the war on drugs [maybe we can turn the whole thing over to her?]
  • Janet feels it’s appropriate to give up freedoms in exchange for keeping public servants.

Where do they spawn these people?

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