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“bullet” U.N.’s Antonio Maria Costa is shocked, shocked, I tell you, to discover that coca cultivation in Colombia has increased. Amazing considering that it’s not much of a surprise to us lunatics on drugs. That’s probably because he normally gets all his “facts” from our drug czar.
“bullet” Paul Armentano gives a final word in the pot potency nonsense.
The thing is, the American people know the score — just check out the comments in the Pantagraph — in the middle of Central Illinois — to the drug czar’s “story.”

you just got to love the human mind. if there is a need to make something better, then by golly lets getter done […]
Back in the old days: We had to smoke a whole joint or a pipe in order to get high. I haven’t touched the stuff in 26 years but in the few times I’ve seen anyone smoke since then, they seem to just take a few hits. In the 70’s the big demand was for pot with the highest potency. Considering that marijuana’s prohibition that started in 1936 continues, it makes perfect sense to increase the potency. Less product is needed to do the job. Less product to smuggle. […]
So, pot is more potent now than it ever was. So, what’s the problem? […]
Essentially, “high-potency” marijuana is also “cleaner” marijuana. Put simply, the absolute healthiest marijuana to smoke is this very “high-potency” marijuana. It is this “high-potency” marijuana, and only this, that is even considered for “medical marijuana”. There is no cannabis worse for you than the weakest and cheapest you can find. Again, most to all credible and independent studies consistently suggest cannabis is “extremely safe”. […]
At least the quality of something in America is improving. […]
I always buy premium fuel so why not buy the best weed? You get what you pay for, it takes less to achieve the goal so it last longer. Now pass the Funions… […]
With better pot, you just smoke less than with weaker stuff. […]
Dude … Like … Where’s the nearest White Castle?

“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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