The drug czar has teamed up with The Daily Mail Reuters to promote the latest in anti-marijuana junk science.
The bold headline: Heavy marijuana use shrinks brain parts: study. Ut oh. We’re in trouble now.
1. We’re talking about people who smoked 5 joints a day for 20 years, and.
2. The study did not in fact find that marijuana use shrinks brain parts.

The researchers acknowledged that the study did not prove it was the marijuana and not some other factor that triggered these brain differences.

I’d love to get paid to do studies that determine things without having to actually determine them.
But instead, I simply tried my own unscientific experiment and compared the brains of noted pot smoker Carl Sagan and noted non-pot smoker John Walters (which i was able to borrow and return without it being missed). In every test performed, Sagan’s brain won handily, despite being dead for 12 years.
More here and here
Marijuana. Harmless?
Um, no. But probably less harmful than — prohibition, alcohol, cigarettes, aspirin, global warming, working as a miner, politicians, prison, Hostess Twinkies, jogging, driving, sex, cheeseburgers, skiing…

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