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“bullet” Scott Morgan has the surreal posts: Vietnam Orders Police to Win the Drug War by August and People are Getting Themselves Arrested Just So They Can Sell Drugs in Jail
“bullet” Grant Smith at D’Alliance has a wonderful account of attending the drug testing summit held at the ONDCP HQ. I would have loved to be there.
“bullet” Radley Balko on the drug raid death of Gonzalo Guizan
“bullet” Transform notes Scotland looks to a new future of drug control

’77 per cent of young people surveyed by the Forum were doubtful that Scotland would ever be drug free and only 45 per cent of respondents felt we should even be trying to become drug free.‰
‘There should therefore be a more honest approach to alcohol and drug policy, with the primacy of effort concentrating on prevention, harm reduction measures and treatment, supported by enforcement activities.‰

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