Legislators at work

Remember the idiots in Georgia trying to outlaw marijuana-flavored candy?
Well, it gets even more surreal. Check out the action in the Georgia House
House lingers over pot-flavored lollipop bill

While the General Assembly was stalled on the budget as well as major bills covering reservoirs, taxes, transportation and trauma care, the House of Representatives found 30 minutes to debate candy flavors.

The debate included a discussion about whether there was a scientific standard to define “marijuana” as a flavor, and then at one point, somebody realized that the proposed fine for marijuana-flavored candy was double the fine for actual marijuana possession.

A visibly annoyed Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson finally cut off debate.
“Here we are on Day 40, after lunch, where the Senate has continued to be disagreeable and not assert a position on the budget,” Richardson fumed. “And we’re talking about candy.”

[Thanks, Tom]
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