Short Takes

“bullet” Aren’t statistics interesting? Especially the ones not mentioned. For example, in Report urges LAPD to change SWAT unit we have:

Intensely proud and tightly knit, the unit is used largely to serve warrants on dangerous suspects and handle standoffs involving barricaded people.
Its record is impressive. In its 3,371 operations between 1972 and 2005, 83% ended without “untoward incident” and with the suspect in custody, the panel found. Of the 174 incidents involving hostages, several were killed by suspects, but only one died accidentally at the hands of SWAT officers.

So, that means that 573 operations ended with “untoward incident” and 3,197 (94%) of SWAT’s operations were undertaken despite the fact that there were no hostages.
“bullet” Alex at DrugLawBlog gives us reason with Rational Actors, or Why “Generation Rx” Uses Cough Syrup for Fun

Rational young people will do exactly what kids are in fact doing: switch to different drugs. They’ll use drugs that produce many of the same psychoactive effects that illegal drugs produce but which are sold by big pharma corporations and so are regulated in a much less draconian fashion.
Is that good or is it bad? Whatever one thinks about it, we should at least acknowledge that it is happening.

“bullet” Drug War Goes Crazy, Cyclist Forced to Provide Sample at Son’s Cremation

Van Impe’s fellow cyclists have protested, delaying the start of races over the weekend and reading a statement saying, “We’ll say yes a thousand times to a determined and responsible fight against doping, but today and even in an even stronger manner in the future, we say no a thousand times against the violation of our rights, the rights of every human being.”

“bullet” Some video fun…

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