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“bullet” Thailand

In the end, the war on drugs was simply a populist killing spree of small fry. No big drug dealers were ever affected, and after a while the drug business returned to normal.

What is so sad about the state of Thai Society is that the drug war policy was, and still is, extremely popular (except, of course, among the families of the victims). It shows that our society doesn’t care about the rule of law, or about basic human rights.

“bullet” How do you define success in drug enforcement?

According to the head of the HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) task force in Atlanta, you know you’re doing the job right when you see an increase in burglaries, armed robberies and murders!

“bullet” Editorial

“The most destructive force” in his city and others isn’t drugs; it’s the drug war that drives up the price of drugs and makes dealing them so attractive to criminal elements.The drug war isn’t working. It’s time for officials to stop worrying about being tagged with the soft-on-crime label and take courageous steps to re-evaluate a failed policy.

“bullet” It won’t fly. Conservative Illinois Review tries to attack medical marijuana with the stoned-mother-almost-drowns-baby nonsense, and is delightfully slammed by commenter TaxMeMore, who notes that by that logic, children should be taken away from parents who own guns, homeschool their children, or attend bible school.
“bullet” Prison Nation.

…signs that the country may finally be waking up to the fiscal and moral costs of bulging prisons.

“bullet” American Drug War The Last White Hope now on Showtime On Demand. Here’s a taste:

“bullet” DAMN SKIPPY

come sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip
that started when an actress fair
smoked something too hip…

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