Illinois Medical Marijuana advances


SPRINGFIELD Ö The hazy path to legalizing medical marijuana in Illinois cleared a little Wednesday when a committee on public health sent the legislation to the Senate floor on a 6-4 vote.
The measure, sponsored by state Sen. John Cullerton, D-Chicago, would allow marijuana card holders to receive prescriptions for medical marijuana and the plant it grows on, thus avoiding any illegal means of obtaining the drug.

Of course, the usual jerks are already coming out of the woodwork. Check out this lobbyist:

Limey Nargelenas, director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, says there are better ways to go about legalizing the drug than ‹hiding behind sick people.Š
‹I think it‰s a shame what they‰re doing here,Š Nargelenas said. ‹They‰re using sick people here to try to legalize marijuana. I think if the Legislature wants to legalize marijuana, let‰s talk about it, debate it and see if that‰s what the people want.Š

Gee, why would a lobbyist for police organizations care about medical marijuana legalization? It wouldn’t be to protect their drug war jobs, would it?

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