Cop who shot Tarika Wilson charged with two misdemeanors

Lima, Ohio

An Allen County grand jury today indicted a Lima police sergeant on two misdemeanors for shooting 26-year-old Tarika Wilson to death and injuring her 14-month-old son during a Jan. 4 drug raid at her home.

The charges are negligent homicide (for Tarika’s death) and negligent assault (for her son’s injury).

Wilson’s family and Lima’s NAACP office said the misdemeanor charges against Chavalia should have been more severe.
“When you take aim and shoot someone with your gun, I don’t see how it’s negligent,” said Ivory Austin II, brother of Tarika Wilson

One interesting bit about Tarika’s boyfriend, who was the target of the raid…

Terry, 31, was later indicted for three counts of trafficking in crack cocaine, six counts of permitting drug abuse, and four counts of trafficking in marijuana for incidents occurring between September 2007 and Jan. 4, the day of the raid.

Permitting drug abuse? I hadn’t heard of that before. Sounds positively… crimethink.
Ah, but here it is.
Note how in the law, any criminal drug offense is considered, by definition, a drug abuse offense. Remember, in Newspeak “use” = “abuse.”
Also, killing a mother holding her baby is a misdemeanor. Selling or growing marijuana is a felony.

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