And you can use radiation to stop unwanted hair growth

This, apparently, is some kind of actual serious scientific research (although I’m really starting to wonder about the lab scientists down under — it seems like some of the kookiest marijuana stuff is coming from the Aussies and the Kiwis.

Lithium may help kick marijuana habit

SYDNEY, March 7 (UPI) — Australian researchers said lithium, commonly used for bipolar disorder, can help pot smokers kick the habit without withdrawal symptoms.

A research team from Corella Drug Treatment Services and the University of New South Wales prescribed 500 milligrams of lithium twice a day for seven days to 20 people who were longtime, habitual cannabis users, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Thursday. After three months, most of the users were smoking cannabis less often. Many had given up completely, the newspaper said.

Good thing is that lithium is relatively safe with only mild side effects including dehydration… As long as you don’t take a little too much (it has a relatively low toxicity ratio), which could lead to death and/or kidney failure… As opposed to marijuana, which can’t kill you.
Hey, I’ve got an idea! You could just smoke marijuana if you want to, and not smoke it when you don’t want to. It really is that easy. It’s not something difficult like tobacco, or caffeine, or cinnamon rolls. Hundreds of millions of people have discovered that they can end marijuana addiction by just not smoking anymore.
I wonder if they’ll give me a grant.

Via Paul Armentano
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