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I’m going to my Dad’s for Easter, so probably no more posts until Monday. Here are a few other things to check out if you haven’t already…
“bullet” Travel Pro Steves to Challenge Futile U.S. Drug War by Joel Connelly in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. More here
“bullet” A 10-year-old girl with brain cancer would like to see her father before she dies. Her father is in prison with one more year left on a drug charge and has been denied a request for a 30-day supervised release.
“bullet” State Marijuana law in Supreme Court’s hands. This will be an important case — Alaska has long had a state Supreme Court decision (Ravin) that said small amounts of marijuana in your own home was legal under your privacy rights in the Alaskan constitution. But a new law passed two years ago attempted to change that and make all possession illegal, claiming that marijuana is more dangerous now.
“bullet” Thailand leader pretentiousness

Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama said during his visit to Washington DC earlier this week that Thailand’s image had improved with an elected government and that it was now being recognised as “handsome without acne”, a far cry from its image under former prime minister Surayud Chulanont.
He said US leaders had welcomed him and congratulated him on Thailand’s return to the democratic process. During his visit, many leading personalities, including US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a former secretary of state were eager to “koh-phob” (meet him), he said.

Will the U.S. government consider Thailand’s drug war handsome without acne?
“bullet” Civil injustice strikes Ohio — Civil forfeiture gone seriously bad. Via Radley
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly

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