Drug Czar on rampage of stupidity

It’s all political — it’s all a way to promote his drug war…
In this article, Walters blames U.S. marijuana users for “contributing” to the bloody wars in Mexico.
Here, he says that U.S. prosecutors need to go after more of the low and mid-level marijuana offenders, including those where the evidence isn’t that strong.
However, here, he claims that the Mexico drug fight is success and is driving up prices (with the unfortunate side-effect of additional border violence).
Each of these articles was also an opportunity for Walters to ask for more money for the drug war.
I think it’s fair to say that these bodies aren’t a result of America pot-smokers, or prosecutors gone mild, or any kind of success. If they’re going to haunt anyone, it’ll be the drug warriors.

[Thanks Walter, Scott, and Lee]
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