6 month operation leads to huge drug bust in major county

17 people were arrested early yesterday morning and charged with multiple counts of selling marijuana and crack, with 11 more warrants outstanding and the possibility of even more.
Yes, this was an operation out to get the biggest of the drug kingpins in…
Twiggs County, Georgia?
Now I don’t know too many of the details of this particular story in Twiggs County — I’ve merely read the article in the paper. But how much more do I need to know?
Let’s look at some information about Twiggs County. The major metropolis in Twiggs County is the county seat: Jeffersonville, with a population of … 1,208. Nearby is bustling Danville with 373 people. The population of the entire county is 10,184, down from 10,590 in 2000. They would all fit in my local university’s basketball arena in Normal, Illinois. Yep. 17-28 major drug dealers.
You can drive clear across Twiggs County in about 20 minutes on I-16.
Now, if you want to get some auto repair done in Twiggs County, you’ll want to go to Jeffersonville Collision Center on Church Street. If you want another option, you’ll have to go clear to Macon or Warner Robins, ’cause there’s only one auto repair place in Twiggs County. But apparently, there were 17-28 major drug dealers (and those are just the ones they caught).
Of course, you know how this goes. Someone decides to clean out a “bad” section of a town or two, and they get an informant to make friends with “those” people and the informant asks them to “help him out” by scoring some pot or crack for him. Being friendly people, they do. That becomes trafficking. Maybe the informant is getting paid for the number of people he nails, so he makes some stuff up, too.
One thing that will be interesting to discover. Twiggs County is 58% white. I wonder how many of those arrested are white.

Those arrested and charged with various violations of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act include: Christavious Bloodsworth, Demerio Brown, Jolly James Jones, Arthur Dewayne Height Jr., Anterio Brown, Tramarcus Brown, Woodrow Dupree, Regie Jenkins, Bobby Andrew Burns, Isaac Jones, Timothy Blackshear, Anthony Dion Height, Rodriguez Williams, Thomas Mase, Winfred King and Gregory King.

Can you say “Tulia” or “Hearne”? I knew you could.

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