The Drug Czar’s Prescription

Recently, the Drug Czar’s office has, interestingly, cut way back on the marijuana rhetoric in order to focus on the cause du jour: prescription drug abuse. Of course, their office spouts statistics saying that teenage use of marijuana is down and prescription drug abuse is up, but as we know, they are adept at cherry-picking statistics to promote whatever they wish.
So I’m suspicious of the true agenda here.
But it sure seems like they’re going all out on this. They were even planning on a Presidential statement in the Roosevelt Room about it, until the Heath Ledger death caused them to delay it (due to fears that it would appear that the President was using Ledger’s death for political purposes, despite the fact that the cause of his death is still indeterminate).
And apparently, the Drug Czar’s going back to the SuperBowl!

The White House drug office will use its first Super Bowl spot in four years to caution that the biggest teen drug danger could be the legal medicines stored in parents’ medicine chests. […]
The Super Bowl spot, to air at the close of the first half, features a drug dealer complaining that his business is down because teens are getting high from abusing drugs in the medicine cabinet. [you can watch the video at the site]

I admit to being at a bit of a loss here. Getting out a message to parents to keep prescription medicines out of the hands of kids doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
But this is the Drug Czar. I can’t help but think that there’s something I’m missing.

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