How Prohibitionists and The Press prove the dangers of drugs…

… but I repeat myself…
You may have heard that Richard Brunstom, chief constable of North Wales Police, had made a statement about the relative safety of ecstasy last week. This caused a bit of a stir.
And now the Daily Mail has come back to put him in his place with this damning report:

Road Crash Coroner Slams Chief Constable’s Claim That ‘Ecstasy is Not Dangerous’
A coroner has rebutted claims that ecstasy is not dangerous at the inquest of a disqualified driver who was high on the drug when he killed himself and a friend in a road crash.

Well, not as good as, say, real statistics or anything. It’s just a single case, and it’s not, in fact, about the dangers of ecstasy use, but rather the danger of driving while impaired by ecstasy, which, I guess, is at least something. Right?

Dean Chevalier, 20, was more than twice over the legal alcohol limit when he lost control of his friend’s car, killing himself and 23-year-old Matthew Prothero.
Both were high on ecstasy and had drunk tequila and lager before the accident on a minor road, near Grantham, Lincs, on May 20 last year.

Oh, yeah, that definitely shows the dangers of ecstasy.
For my next trick, I will prove that eating celery makes you obese, by eating a lot of celery and pizzas.

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