Another drug war victim – Tarika Wilson

On Friday, 26-year-old Tarika Wilson, single mother of six, was shot by police in her home and killed. Her one-year-old son was also shot as she held him and will survive. Two dogs were shot and one died. Tarika’s boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of possession of crack cocaine.

Chief Garlock confirmed that the search warrant was executed at the correct address. He said officers were aware that children were inside the home because there were toys in the yard outside and on the front porch. […]
Police Maj. Richard Shade, a former SWAT commander for the department, said it’s not unusual for children to be inside homes raided by police officers. […]
“This is a terrible situation that resulted from a very dangerous situation that occurs when a high-risk search warrant is executed,” Chief Garlock said.

Yet apparently, nobody connected with the Lima, Ohio police force had the mental capability to consider whether a different course of action might be in order.
The people know better.
Last night, a crowd of 300 people marched with family members to express their sorrow and outrage.

“Remember that baby who is in a hospital and that woman laying on a slab being dissected because the Lima police overstepped their bounds,” Brenda Johnson, executive director of the community center, told the crowd before the march began.
Ms. Johnson said it was reckless for police to raid a home with so many children inside.
“This time it was someone else’s child,” she said. “Next time it could be your child, your grandchild.” […]
People prayed, sang, and chanted “truth and justice” in front of the home last night.
Many people wept as Pastor C.M. Manley of New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church led them in song.
People laid stuffed animals in front of the home and placed a banner with prayers for the family. It also contained slurs against white police officers. […]
“Not all the police are bad. Some of them have children,” Pastor Arnold Manley of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church told the crowd. “But the majority of the ones in Lima are.”

Tarika Wilson was loved by family and community. They will not sit back and let this happen without demanding answers.

Lima Councilman Derry Glenn owns the house but did not live there. Mr. Glenn last night called for an independent investigation from the Ohio attorney general’s office.
“I am very upset about the way this happened,” he said. “I feel we need a thorough investigation. The first murder in 2008 came from a police officer.”

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