Oakland’s Mayor Speaks Out

Via MPP – a statement from Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums

‹As the mayor of a city that believes in compassionate care, we support Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. We are discouraged to learn of the DEA‰s actions that appear to be in opposition to the will of the residents of this city. Rep. Conyers, Chair of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, expressed deep concern over the DEA landlord threats and other efforts to undermine California law, and committed to sharply questioning these tactics as part of the committee‰s oversight efforts. I am grateful for and supportive of Rep. Conyers‰ concerns.Š

He’s also sent a letter to Conyers, urging hearings

The DEA’s recent surge tactics, such as the dissemination of threatening letters to property owners and unrelenting raids that continue to place citizens in harm’s way, undermine state and local authority, and jeopardize the integrity of state law. We urge the House Judiciary Committee to expeditiously hold hearings and examine this very important issue.

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