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November 2007



Open Thread

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Drug Task Forces – mercenaries paid through looting

It’s the same old story, but still a very telling article in Indiana: Drug task force faces audit critical.

The Muncie-Delaware County Drug Task Force is playing a game of keep away that uses money instead of a ball, and the state of Indiana is the monkey in the middle. Going back to at least […]

Drug Czar Toppled By Drug Bolsheviks

Onion Radio News

DEA gets court approval to continue intimidating farmers


Two North Dakota farmers, who filed a federal lawsuit in June to end the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) ban on commercial hemp farming in the United States, had their case dismissed by federal Judge Daniel Hovland yesterday. In a 22-page decision, Judge Hovland wrote that the problem facing state-licensed hemp farmers David Monson […]

2007 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

I’m really looking forward to the conference next week. Starting to plan out the workshops I want to attend and blog about (a couple of them, unfortunately, are at the same time as the one I’m co-presenting with David Guard). Lots of interesting ones, and lots of people I’m looking forward to seeing again, or […]

Hackery, part two.

Yesterday, Allan noted that a letter of his had been commented on by Drug Watch International. That threw me. The name Drug Watch International had a slightly familiar ring, but I couldn’t place it and knew nothing about it. That in itself was startling. An international prohibitionist group that has gone unmentioned in my blog […]

Hackery, part one

Rob at To the People notes that the Drug Czar’s blog is really stretching for material with this post touting that “Next week’s Time magazine highlights the latest evidence of marijuana’s harm as part of their “Year in Medicine” news coverage…” when in fact Time’s “highlight” was a single sentence in part of a larger […]

Remember when Presidential candidates thought the drug war didn’t exist?

For a number of Presidential campaign cycles, the drug war got about as much coverage as philately. Other than the Granite Staters’ tireless work questioning candidates about medical marijuana and the obligatory “Did you ever smoke pot” debate question with all the candidates lying about whether they did/whether they did successfully/whether they enjoyed it, the […]

1400 more Drug War Victims

Thailand. This is beyond tragic.

At a brainstorming session, the representative from the Office of Narcotics Control Board yesterday disclosed that some 1,400 people were killed and labelled as drug suspects though they had no link to drugs. “The government’s drug policy was unclear. Operation staff hence did everything to achieve the goal of reducing […]

Those damned humanitarians

I don’t subscribe to Stratfor, so I couldn’t read the entire article, but the teaser is a whopper:

The RC-26B’s Importance in Fighting Drug Traffickers Nov 27, 2007 The RC-26B aircraft has been vital to U.S. counternarcotics operations along the Mexican and Canadian borders. The aircraft, however, is becoming increasingly popular for use in humanitarian […]