Drug Policy Conference – Friday afternoon.

“bullet” I just finished the Elevator Arguments workshop I conducted with David Guard and Doug McVay, and I thought it went very well. Lots of enthusiastic participation with a good range of people. What a blast! Thanks to everyone who came.
“bullet” I haven’t blogged yet about the plenary session this noon: Black America: The Debate Within. I need to think about it a little bit more, first. It was extremely unsatisfying. It came across as a group of very intelligent, passionate panelists making a sincere effort to do… nothing.
“bullet” Just a side rant in general — I’ve gotten several emails from people disavowing themselves of Drug Policy Alliance because of differences of opinion on strategy, or lack of invitations to be part of the group up front. Guess what? I’m not part of the Drug Policy Alliance. I’m not part of any reform group. I blog. I am drug policy reform. If you’ve got problems with Drug Policy Alliance, take it up with them — don’t ask me to bad-mouth them for you.
I don’t come here to be part of a drug reform group. I come here because of the people. Excellent, passionate, committed people from a wide variety of viewpoints and backgrounds, many of whom are doing this for nothing because they care. If you don’t want to be part of that network, then fine. I’m enjoying every minute. Even when I have major disagreements. I’m learning and teaching.
“bullet” Antonio Maria Costa’s prepared speech to the conference is now available online at the UNODC site. [Thanks, Steve!]
“bullet” I keep getting to meet more old friends here at the conference. I got to meet Scott Henson and Ben Masel today. Such a delight to finally put actually physical people with the people I’ve known online for so long.
“bullet” Consider this an open thread

“bullet” “drcnet”

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