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For a little light reading, check out Milkijuana? by John Wind Bell, which talks tongue-in-cheek (we hope) about the future war on… raw, unpasteurized milk.

The politician will soon have Raw Milk on their platform. Raw Milk will give the First Lady and her husband something to do with their royal time. An answer for them so they can start looking important and busy. Another scare tactic, another make-work project for them to fix the unbroken.
‹Say No to Raw Milk,Š will be the popular chant. ‹This is your brain on Raw Milk,Š will be on the TV screen. ‹It‰s a gateway drink,Š someone will be sure to preach from their pulpit. ‹It‰s stronger now than what it was in the sixties,Š a teacher will recite to your students in a M.A.R.E. program. ‹Beware of the Raw Milk pusher.Š ‹Raw Milk will make you go nuts and be violent.Š ‹There will be Raw Milk gangs.Š ‹Raw Milk will make men‰s breast grow and your children deformed.Š
And no there are not, as yet, police officers setting up road blocks and check points in your home town on weekends and holidays with breathalyzers and pupilometers in hand and at the ready to catch the Raw Milk Heads. But hey, in retrospect who would have ever thought our government would have their hands stuck in all that they do these days. And, oh yeah, the Constitution, remember that?

Full disclosure here…. I must admit that once, many years ago, in my reckless youth, I drank some raw milk when visiting friends on a farm. But I didn’t swallow, and I now see the error of my ways and will do my part to prevent others from making that same mistake.

[Thanks, JR]

Note: in a similar vein, if you haven’t read it before, check out my piece: Increase in Burger Abuse Seen.

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