Open Thread

“bullet” At Grits for Breakfast: Texas’ Worst Court: Cops can hand out dope to create snitches. Also see his update.
“bullet” I’ve been hesitant to write much on the jet that crashed full of cocaine and whether it was tied to the U.S. government. It’s all so murky and hard to sort through. But that’s the kind of sifting that Bill Conroy does, and he has some of the speculation here.
“bullet” Mark Souder is a real head case (but then we knew that). Scott Morgan has the recent details.
“bullet” Jacob Sullum’s article The Addict’s Veto is not just about gambling.
“bullet” Robert J. Caldwell strikes again in an ignorant piece about Plan Mexico the Merida Initiative: Drug War Allies

Critics, mainly the left in Mexico and assorted liberals in this country, are labeling the Merida Initiative “Plan Mexico.” That’s intended as an unflattering reference to Washington’s long-standing program of paramilitary assistance that helps Colombia fight drug trafficking, terrorism and a narco-funded communist insurgency.

He then goes on to say that that’s unfair, Plan Mexico is so not like Plan Colombia, and Plan Colombia worked anyway. Which is both factually incorrect and a bizarre self-defeating argument.
“bullet” For a much better view of Plan Mexico, check out this excellent, detailed and referenced discussion at Chicago Indymedia by Jennifer Truskowski: Public Demand Grows For President Bush To Reveal Details of Plan Mexico
“bullet” Link [Thanks, Allan]

The illegal drugs trade in Britain is worth a staggering £8billion a year and involves 70,000 street dealers, secret Home Office research revealed yesterday.
Major importers stand to earn more than £16,000 every day and run their operations like a business. Some even have a list of salaried employees.
The drug barons have little fear of being caught and view jail as nothing more than an “occupational hazard”, the study reveals.

“bullet” LEAP on the Presidential Trail: NH Cop to McCain: Drug War Blows [Thanks, Allan again]
“bullet” Another must-read by Radley Balko: Casualties of the Corrupt Drug War

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