Marijuana in Denver

Yesterday, Denver was voting on an initiative to legalize marijuana [already done previously] make marijuana arrests the lowest priority in the city.
Apparently there were some problems getting all the ballots counted, it turns out that the city called in SWAT last night to help.
As Jeralyn said last night:

If the vote changes by morning, I want a recount.

Even though Rocky Mountain News is still not officially calling it, with the vote count:

Yes 36,680 55.5%
No 29,404 44.5%

the national media is saying the marijuana initiative has passed.

The measure, which passed Tuesday with 54% of the vote, says adults 21 and older may possess up to an ounce of marijuana without penalty in the city.

However, don’t plan your trip to Denver just yet:

Mayor John Hickenlooper said police will continue to arrest and charge people for marijuana because state law still makes possession illegal.

Hmm… maybe the next initiative in Denver will be to secede?

[Thanks, Sam]
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