Plan Mexico draws suspicion

Apparently, the secrecy in the development of Plan Mexico is threatening to give it a bumpy ride…

“There is worry about what it means to our sovereignty,” said Juan-Francisco Rivera, chairman of the Public Security Committee in Mexico lower house of Congress. “We need to first understand what this project is about.” […]
“Congress was not consulted as the plan was developed,” said Rep. Eliot L. Engel, D-N.Y., the chairman of a House Foreign Relations subcommittee holding hearings Thursday on the plan. “This is not a good way to kick off such an important effort.”
Mexican lawmakers also fumed. “The Mexican Congress isn’t participating in this,” said Cuauhtemoc Sandoval of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party, a ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee in Mexico’s lower house. “The plan worries us.” […]
The leftist La Jornada of Mexico City declared in an editorial Tuesday that there exists precedents of the U.S. tendency to use such bilateral cooperation as a cover for espionage and diplomatic blackmail.

Not that I think there’s a chance that it’ll be stopped, but perhaps there will at least be some hard questioning first. The taxpayers deserve a little conversation before they get screwed.
“bullet” Interesting side note. More and more, other countries are getting suspicious of drug war “support” from the United States.
Ecuador wants military base in Miami

Correa has refused to renew Washington’s lease on the Manta air base, set to expire in 2009. U.S. officials say it is vital for counter-narcotics surveillance operations on Pacific drug-running routes.
“We’ll renew the base on one condition: that they let us put a base in Miami — an Ecuadorean base,” Correa said in an interview during a trip to Italy.
“If there’s no problem having foreign soldiers on a country’s soil, surely they’ll let us have an Ecuadorean base in the United States.” […]
Correa, a popular leftist economist, had promised to cut off his arm before extending the lease that ends in 2009 and has called U.S. President George W. Bush a “dimwit”.

Reminiscent of Venezuela kicking out the DEA

“The day that the DEA allows us to open up a floor in the DEA’s building [in the U.S.], where only Venezuelans are allowed to enter, we will allow them to open a floor where only North-Americans are allowed to enter into Conacuid, in the meantime no,” added Chacon.

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