Open Thread

“bullet” Stupid OpEd of the week in Human Events. Robert J. Caldwell fellates the Drug Czar in a piece that is both intentionally deceitful, and historically revisionist in terms of prohibition and “the historical examples of Turkey, Southeast Asia and Colombia.” Naturally, the Drug Czar got off on it.
“bullet” Another, much more sane conservative view can be found at the corner by Andrew Stuttaford.

The drug warriors are, it seems, continuing in their efforts to sabotage the war against Islamic extremism in Afghanistan. […]
Of course it’s ‘crazy’, Matt, it’s the drug war.

“bullet” This is from last week, but in case you missed it… The Drug Czar actually tried to take on Milton Friedman regarding the drug war. (Friedman bitch-slapped him from the grave.)
“bullet” In the New Haven Independent, there’s a fascinating discussion about corruption in a narcotics unit and whether even the idea of a narcotics unit makes sense. Not all the players are up to speed on the big picture, but the fact that such a conversation is taking place, is positive.
“bullet” In an effort to separate drug users from the black market, The Czech Republic is considering decriminalizing the growing of marijuana for your own use. Via Transform.
“bullet” At Alternet: “New York City has the most marijuana arrests in the world (but don’t worry, white people, it won’t be you)” by Ezekiel Edwards
“bullet” From Alas, a blog: A Sentence to Prison Is A Sentence To Be Tortured
“bullet” In the Nation, Prison Reformers Finally Set Free

Is the nearly 40-year-old, bipartisan “let’s get tough on crime” mantra getting old– even for politicians?

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