Open Thread

My show opens tomorrow night. I’m exhausted, but having a blast. Here’s a couple of quick items for you.
“bullet” As usual, Maia Szalavitz is outstanding: The Federalization of Medicine
The pain issue shows why medical policy should be left to the states.
in Reason.
“bullet” Those wacky scientists! Harvard Scientists Build a Device to Smoke Weed During Brain Scan
“bullet” Obama feeling the pressure? Could it be that being behind on drug policy reform was actually hurting him a little? That’s interesting.
To be honest, I don’t expect the next President to be much help to us, regardless of who it is (with the exception of Paul). They’re all going to have their Karl Rove who will tell them to avoid reform like the plague. Change is going to have to come from the will of the people forcing it.
But I can’t remember any Presidential election when drug policy reform was talked about even a fraction as much by the candidates. It’s a healthy thing and gets the subject in the public eye. But it also may mean that the people are starting to “get” reform and the candidates are being forced to follow (at least in talk); additionally, the topic may be starting to lose its “taboo” status.
And just idle curiosity… I wonder if Obama got a chance to see the YouTube video of Ron Paul getting a huge ovation from a mostly black audience by calling for an end to the drug war.
“bullet” Good news. At the United Nations every-10-years drug conference in Vienna in March, 2008, we’ll have a tireless advocate for reform representing us — one who speaks four languages and can saddle a horse. Let’s see if UNODC’s Costa can top that!

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