Mitt Romney — a sign of the sickness of our system

The youtube videos of Romney brushing off a medical marijuana patient who asks if Romney believes people like him should be arrested have been circulated pretty widely.
Clayton Holden has been continuing to try to get an answer, and Romney actually responded with this gem:

“I don’t do any arresting,” said Romney, who appeared uncomfortable, but reiterated his stance against legalizing marijuana.

“I don’t do any arresting.” What a staggering dismissal of any responsibility!
You see, perhaps I overdo it a little, but I believe myself to be personally responsible for every action taken by the government. After all, this is a government of/by/for the people and I am part of the people. (It’s part of the reason why I personally cannot support the death penalty, torture, preemptive war…, and it’s an important part of the reason that I am so active in fighting the wrongs we commit, including the drug war.)
And yet, a candidate for the position of President of the United States can go out there and disavow any consequences of policy simply because he’s not the one putting on the handcuffs. What moral depravity!
Now all you have to do is team him up with the various DEA spokesmen who claim to not have anything to do with policy — they only enforce the law — and you have the perfect authoritarian system: oppression without accountability or responsibility.

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