Open Thread

“bullet” Excellent article by Juan Forero: New gangs challenge Colombia’s drug war — demonstrates the absolute destructive futility of our drug war in Colombia (although that doesn’t stop Walters from spouting inane claims of victory).
“bullet” The Trouble with Plan Mexico from the Guardian
“bullet” From the left: The War on Drugs’ Bloody Face by Joseph Grosso
“bullet” Senator Durbin supports medical marijuana
“bullet” In case you missed it… The Ethan Nadelmann article in Foreign Policy was not fully available when I blogged about it — here is the full text.
“bullet” Drug forfeiture funds used to purchase tasers — turning recreational drugs into weapons. [Via]
“bullet” Why are doctors such opiate prudes?by Brianna Hersey [Thanks, Ben]
“bullet” Breaking taboos: – it’s time we recognised that illegal drugs are fun by Michael Duffy [Thanks, Richard and Allan]
“bullet” “drcnet”

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