The Drug WarRant Annual Harry J. Anslinger Propaganda Award

Marie had a very interesting idea in comments — an annual Anslinger award.
I like it. I think we might be able to do something good with this, so let’s work out some details.

  1. Timing. What’s the best time of the year to give out the award — end of the calendar year? Some other time?
  2. Graphics. We need a logo and/or award design. Any ideas?
  3. Categories. I think we’ll do better by having several categories, rather than just one overall award. Here’s some off the top of my head:
    • Elected official (Souder, etc.)
    • Bureaucrat (Walters, Tandy, etc.)
    • Private operator (DuPont, Califano, Bensinger, etc.)
    • Media outlet (network, newspaper, wire service, etc.)
    • Reporter (a specific reporter or feature writer)
  4. Criteria: I’m thinking that we’d want a representative item or statement to show off the depths of their propaganda, but the decision could be made based on their body of work over the year. Or should it be solely based on a single propaganda item?
  5. Selection: All Drug WarRant readers would be able to nominate individuals/pieces throughout the year. Then open voting at the end?

Just some initial thoughts. What are your ideas?
Update: Feel free to give your suggestions and ideas either in comments or at the messageboard.

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One Response to The Drug WarRant Annual Harry J. Anslinger Propaganda Award

  1. bikey1 says:

    The award cerimony should be held right after harvest season ;>)

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