Open Thread

“bullet” Why Is Marijuana Still Illegal? by James W. Harris

Marijuana was legal in America right up to the mid-1930s, when a lurid, racist propaganda campaign of claptrap and lies conned Congress into outlawing it. The ban didn’t make sense then, and it makes even less sense today.

“bullet” Politicians showing off. Rogers Secures $23 Million to Fight Drugs Of course, that’s our money he secured.
“bullet” When a United States Senator doesn’t know that shooting drug suspects in the back is wrong, it’s no wonder our country’s in such a mess.
“bullet” Editorial in Ontario: We’re Not Dopes

Perhaps it is time to seriously consider decriminalizing a recreational drug that one-in-six Canadians from age 15 to 64 used in 2004.
If dope truly was for dopes, then this country wouldn’t be able to function with such high usage rates. But we’re doing just fine.

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