Hmmm… let’s call this one an AVAILABLE thread.

I’m still on the road, spending some good quality time with my folks, and can only get decent internet access when I sneak away to some cafe for a few minutes. I’ll be back full time on Thursday, but will stop in when I can before then.
As always, read the wonderful discussions in the comments (I think Allan’s looking for a date).
“bullet” Random Student Drug Tests Put In Doubt — looks like Tennessee may believe more in the privacy of its citizens than the Federal government. We’re increasingly needing the states to save us from the United States.
“bullet” The Drug War’s Collateral Damage — a nice OpEd by Silja J.A. Talvi, based on the recent report from the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics.
“bullet” Pot Documentary Has Local Filmmaker On A Roll — sounds interesting. Hope it gets some major distribution.
Which reminds me…
I tried to order Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey, which is now available on DVD, and although I wanted to buy it, they wouldn’t send it to me because I live in the United States. If anyone has a contact that could get me a copy to review, let me know.
“bullet” If you’re looking for something to do during my vacation, try writing a letter.
There’s a good new focus alert at MAPinc. — Common Sense Marijuana Policy

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