Another open thread

Having a great time in Iowa, and I just got access to the internet for the first time. Some good discussions in comments below.
And here are a couple of other things that caught my attention:
“bullet” Nice wording from Daily Kos’ Meteor Blades

If you’ve ever considered installing a Gro-Lite in a closet to cultivate a marijuana plant for your very own use, I suggest you consider obstructing justice and perjuring yourself in a case involving national security instead.

“bullet” Frank Greve at McClatchy Newspapers is totally clueless

Experts: Global drug abuse largely contained
WASHINGTON Ö One war appears to be going well for the United States and its allies these days: the drug war.

“bullet” Ruth’s Hemp Foods helps the lawsuit against the DEA.
Ruth’s makes some excellent hemp bars, and now they’ve come out with a new one for the holiday: Red White and Blueberry. All the profits from the bar will go to support Vote Hemp and their funding of the lawsuit to allow North Dakota farmers to grow hemp.
Be patriotic and buy some Red, White and Blueberry.

A picture named VH-bar-med.jpg

Update: The Drug Czar gloats about hoodwinking McClatchy into believing their misdirection and lies.
It really is pathetic. The ONDCP and UNODC throw out a lot of meaningless, contradictory and irrelevant statistics as proof that they’re winning the war on drugs. And we call them on it. Clearly. Specifically. Repeatedly. So now the McClatchy papers stupidly pass on the nonsense given to them by the ONDCP and UNODC uncritically and the Drug Czar says that this proves that they were right all along. In what fantasy world?

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