Open Thread

“bullet” Poppy Fields are Now a Front Line in Afghan War” in the New York Times. What a bizarre article. Rebecca Ogle at DARE Generation Diary comments. Scott Morgan comments on another article on the same topic.
Oh yeah, Colombia is such a fine model for Afghanistan to folow! …. Colombia Orders The Arrest Of 19 Politicians
“bullet” Officers find a half-ounce of pot and a water pipe, but in the process somehow collide with the suspect’s house. With their vehicle. They seized personal and professional property from the guy with the pot who apparently had not driven into anything. Isn’t that backwards? Shouldn’t we be taking away the vehicle of the out-of-control officer who drives into houses?
“bullet” Making a federal case out of an obscure leaf” — fascinating article about the huge lengths the feds are going to to go after khat

Courts to decide if khat is an illicit drug or more like a double espresso

When you read this entire article, it gives you a chilling look at the intensely stupid single-mindedness of the drug warrior.
“bullet” Bud Bundy smokes pot? Big surprise.

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