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May 2007



Let me clear something up, part 2

One of the arguments I often hear against legalization is that legalization would result in vast numbers of people who would then suddenly develop dangerous drug abuse problems. Here’s the problem with that argument (in addition to the fact that they have absolutely no evidence to back it up): It appears that there are three […]

Let me clear something up, part 1

The drug czar has a particularly heinous post in approvingly linking to an ignorant article in the Scotsman.

Yuppies’ ‹Cocaine Soaked with Innocent BloodŠ […]

Wood accused thousands of middle-class cocaine users of being ‹morally and politically irresponsible,Š and spoke of plans for a new anti-drug campaign.

The article in the Scotsman talks about trying to educate people about how their drug use fuels violence, etc., etc., and suggests a bold new strategy of encouraging socially aware young people to choose not to use drugs in order to save the world.
The problem with this strategy, of course, is that those young people actually have a brain in their heads. They instinctively know (because they are not complete morons) that the real problem is the drug war.
Now, let me say this clearly for the idiot drug warriors out there…

Yes, if everyone stopped using all illicit drugs, then the violence associated with the drug trade would stop. However, this is not even a theoretical possibility. This is like saying that if everyone in the world gave up sex, there would be no STDs. True, but completely irrelevant, because it is not humanly achievable.
The drug war and its associated violence, on the other hand, can be eliminated through legalization. This is not only theoretically possible, but we’ve even done it in the past (with alcohol).
Seeing those who propagate the drug war and its violence claim the moral high ground is offensive.

So to recap:
Ending drug war violence by eliminating drug use: Not possible.
Ending drug war violence by eliminating the drug war: Possible.

Maybe we should invade the U.S….

Radley Balko catches this sadly hilarious insanity from neocon Michael Ledeen lamenting the terrible state of the justice system in Iran:

Terrifying pictures, to be sure. For me, the most revealing thing about them is that the police feel obliged to wear masks while conducting a drug bust in the capital. tells you something about […]

Lou Dobbs and the Mexican Attorney General’s office just can’t understand why there is violence in the drug war.

Sigh. From Lou Dobbs’ show on Friday (unofficial transcript)…

Lou Dobbs: “You’ve gotta hand it to Philipe Calderon, the President of Mexico. He’s trying, and trying very hard to deal with an out-of-control drug industry in his country. Illegal drugs. The war between the drug cartels and Mexican troops escalating the toll from what has […]