Green Party steps up

From a Green Party Press Release

Green Party leaders called for a national discussion on how the US’s ‘war on drugs’ has turned into a war on young people, the poor, and African Americans, Latinos, and other people of color.
“The human and economic devastation caused by the war on drugs is missing from the range of debate among both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Politicians from these parties, when asked about drug policies, prefer to posture about law and order and endorse failed measures. These politicians don’t realize that going along to get along makes one complicit said Cliff Thornton, Green candidate for Governor of Connecticut in 2006 […]
Green leaders also strongly criticized the punitive denial of financial aid to students with drug convictions, and supported Students for a Sensible Drug Policy in their effort to persuade Congress to reinstate such aid.
“The war on drugs is an excuse to ignore the US Constitution’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment, with long prison sentences for minor and nonviolent offenses. The drug war is meant to be waged, not won,” added Mr. Thornton. “This is in part a result of pressure on elected officials from the private prison industry lobby, which seeks to build new prisons and fill up cells in order to win government giveaways and increase corporate profits. The Green Party calls for a public debate that challenges the rhetoric of Democratic and Republican politicians who are under influence of these companies, and that recognizes how the war on drugs has only resulted in more crime and violence.” […]
The Green Party’s national platform endorses decriminalization of victimless crimes, such as the possession of small amounts of marijuana; an end to the war on drugs; expanded drug counseling and treatment; and an end to ‘medical marijuana’ arrests and prosecution.

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